C-suites is an initiative that aims to help aspiring entrepreneurs of VNIT and ventures their ideas to the next level through a defined framework.

Grow yourself and nurture your start-up with us!


Being an entrepreneur is a quite daunting task. You should walk through a path full of constant stumbling blocks with unique problems striking you suddenly, without any warning. Both addressing these issues and managing your personal mental load are crucial. Being aware that you are not alone is reassuring, but surrounding yourself with like-minded smart people can help you stand out. C-Suites is the group of like-minded individuals at VNIT Nagpur where we develop personally while also fostering a sense of community.


Connect to mentors, incubators and investors

- One-on-one dedicated mentoring sessions and direct access to the resources and network of E-Cell VNIT.

Exclusive Guest Lectures by eminent personalities

High profile guest lectures from industry leaders, innovators and notable VNIT alumni with a proper Q&A session.

Updates about government funds,B-plan competition

Get notiefied regularly about various goverment funds for start-ups and B-plan competitions.

Curated Learning Tools

regular curated articles about several concepts of business and entrepreneurship covering a plethora of topics from idea generation to valuations and deeper concepts.

Biweekly Meetups

activities like group discussion, case studies, pitching sessions to discuss the progress/problems of entrepreneurs.

Feedback based sessions

lecture on a particular topic by an expert, anytime, as per required by the members.


❝ LaunchPad ❞
Join this community filled with Entrepreneurship enthusiasts to get a deeper knowledge, one on one discussion and IDEATE, CREATE AND NETWORK with other members of this engaging community.

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